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Does PES Stand A Chance?


An intriguing thread on the boards, posted by member Lebowski, discussed something that was mentioned in my editorial a few days ago. It perhaps best conveys the feelings of many optimistic fans of the game, questioning why people have judged and in turn written off PES 2010 so soon.

The question he rose, like the thread title suggests, was that if we all keep judging too early does PES even have a chance to impress? One thing we’ve learned, thanks to certain official responses, is that the news released last week was there to serve a purpose, and the good stuff is soon to be shown. With promises of incredible content around the corner, was it right to write-off PES 2010 so quickly?

Let us know what you think on the boards by clicking here.

And thanks to the guys from G4TV for sending me a screen grab of PES 2010 at the Konami E3 conference. The header is a picture showing the only appearance the game made at the show.

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