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QuakeCon (aka BethesdaFest or Befesta*) is a thing that took place at the tail end of last week and treated us with gameplay for DOOM Eternal. Spoiler alert: it looks like DOOM+

The exclusive DOOM Eternal reveal contained a hefty 15-minutes of gameplay from two areas of the game. The first, Hell on Earth, quickly showed us a bunch of changes to the 2016 remake. DOOM Slayer now sports a beefy looking armour upgrade packaged with an arm blade, grappling hook and shoulder-mounted grenade launcher/flamethrower combo. Yeah. The weapons have also been tweaked with the double-barrel sawn-off now equipped with an underside spike death piece. The auto shotgun can also be used as a rapid-fire revolver which absolutely decimates enemies. Speaking of which.

Enemies now show better damage when slaughtered with your arsenal of weapons. Pieces of armour, chunks of demonic flesh and even limbs, detach from the enemies before their ultimate demise. The gameplay itself looks more of the same but amped up somewhat with the inclusion of the grappling hook. You can use the grappling hook to pull the DOOM Slayer around the battlegrounds and anchor points aren’t only limited to walls and ceilings. Aim the grapple at a demon and you can sure as hell pull yourself towards them before spraying their innards on the ground.

The finale of the first gameplay section was where things really ramped up. The PC gameplay was chaotic, to say the least, and whoever was controlling the DOOM Slayer highlighted just how much of a badass you can be once you master all the new control techniques. The gameplay segment ended with a genuine surprise as it showed two players invading the campaign. This new feature will allow up to two players to jump into another players campaign to take control of a demon. It’s all completely optional but it’s said to help shake up the campaign as you never expect when a player can crop up and join the battle.

The final part of gameplay took the DOOM Slayer to Phobos and showed more of the same but in a different setting. A new weapon was introduced – the futuristic crossbow ‘thing’ and it looked perfectly suited for the game. All of this ended with a tease of one of the game’s bosses and the DOOM Slayer whipping out a flaming sword! As if this game couldn’t get any more awesome.

It’s old-school, it’s filled with gore, it’s more DOOM and I can’t wait for it!

You can check out the full revel vid below.

*I made those up

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