Double Fine Kickstarter Project Exceeds $400k Target In 8 Hours


So it seems point-and-click adventures are very much alive and kicking. That’s if Double Fine’s latest project to give life to a new adventure game through creative project funding platform Kickstarter, is anything to go by.

Tim Shafer will be leading his studio Double Fine on the project that will be free from the constraints of publishers by allowing fans to contribute to the project goal of $400,000 – a target that was exceeded in only 8 hours!  Tim Schafer with the enlisted help of Ron Gilbert – creators of  Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion and Day of the Tentacle between them – will be thrown back into the creative juice pot together once more in an attempt to create the game that is currently only known as, Double Fine Adventure.

“Publishers tell us that adventure games are dead. Our fans tell us they aren’t. Who is right? Well, I think it’s about time we found out” said Shafer via the Double Fine website. “If the Double Fine Kickstarter Adventure is a success, it could open the doors for all sorts of new funding possibilities, and all kinds of new games that could never happen in the old system. So basically I’m just talking about changing the entire world forever for the better. And getting a game out of it.”

Fans that help fund the series through Kickstarter will be able to back the game starting from $15 and up which will itself bag a copy of the game when it releases through Steam. Higher funding rewards include a full documentary series of the game’s development, unique posters, original concept art, and a mini painting of yourself done by the game’s artist if you’re feeling particularly generous.

This is an absolutely amazing idea that is gathering some serious momentum after only a day. I imagine we’re not the only ones giddy with excitement over this project so let us know what you think via the comments after watching their promotional video below.



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