Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training for Nintendo Switch is coming to the UK!


One for the leavers

Brain Training is officially coming to the UK very early next year – 3rd Jan, 2020 if you’re interested.

Brain Training will make use of all the Switch tech including its touch screen, for old school Brain Training antics, and the IR Motion Camera. The IR will be used for a number of challenges including using your fingers to solve maths problems or using your fingers to play Rock, Paper, Scissors. There’s a lot of finger play here.

If you buy the physical version of the game you’ll also get a stylus bundled with it so you can truly feel like you’re playing an old-school DS but on its side and much bigger, and better, and newer…

Brain Training will also make use of Nintendo Online to place you in leaderboards so that you can compete with your friends. There are also talks of Training Championships running post-launch and I suspect these will be similar to the Tetris Online tournaments with potential unlockable cosmetic stuff. That’s purely speculation at this point.

So there we have it. Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training is coming to the Switch, in the UK, on the 3rd Jan and here’s a trailer to prove it.

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