Dragon Ball FighterZ releases Jan 26th


Grab your ballz and get to fighting

If you’re still sitting there with pent-up angst from a Christmas with the in-laws don’t you worry because Dragon Ball FighterZ will be there for you to unleash your fury. Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC players will be able to get their grubby pawz on Dragon Ball FighterZ from 26th January 2018.

Dragon Ball FigherZ introduces two new heavyweight fighters: Nappa and Captain Ginyu which shake things up in how you approach a fight. Nappa uses Saibamen to attack his foes, however, using this strategically and correctly will increase your energy gauge. Whereas Ginyu has a switching ability that lets him become the embodiment of his opponent until the end of the fight.

Story Mode for Dragon Ball FighterZ is composed of three different parts allowing players to experience three different perspectives of the story. This unique approach will let players experience the story from the perspective of the Saiyans, enemies and the Androids across three different story arcs. Playing through the story will also let you level up your characters allowing you to fully embody the power of the Dragon Ball (I think).

The online mode will also be present with Circle Match taking centre stage. Circle Match has up to 8 players fighting each other over 4 different battles, simultaneously. It sounds chaotic but we’d expect nothing less from Dragon Ball.

Not only that but more details about the digital version of the game have been released and it comes in the following flavours:

  • The DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ – FighterZ Edition includes the game along with the FighterZ Pass which adds 8 new characters to the roster.
  • The DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ – Ultimate Edition contains the game and the FighterZ Pass and additional content such as the commentator Voice Pack and the long-awaited Anime Music pack. The Anime Music Pack has been requested by fans for years and will include 11 songs from the anime. Players will be able to fight to the sound of “CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA”, “WE GOTTA POWER”, and the most famous endings and background music!

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