Dragon Ball Xenoverse Finally Gets World Tournament Mode


Fans will be pleased to hear that the long awaited ‘World Tournament’ mode will finally be arriving soon in Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

World Tournament mode allows players to fight online against other players in order to decide who is the ultimate player and earn the crown of World Champion. Upcoming import event dates for the mode include:

Beta Tournament:
Worldwide, all platforms
Aug 18th, 16:00 CET to Aug 23rd, 15:59 CET
This preliminary tournament will be a beta, there won’t be finals for the winners of this preliminary tournament beta.
Worldwide, all platforms
Aug 25th, 16:00 CET to Aug 30th, 15:59 CET
The winners of this tournament will proceed to the finals
Finals: Sep 12th from 13:00 CET to 15:30 CET

Are you happy that World Tournament mode is finally arriving? Let us know in the comment section below.

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