Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z PS Vita DLC Out Now


Namco Bandai have today announced the release of free DLC for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z on the PS Vita.

The DLC will come extending the audio support of the game with Japanese Voice-Over. Players will also be treated to two characters with limitless powers are joining the fight! Previously released as a bonus for those who pre-ordered the game, NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe decided to release them as paid DLC in order to let all the gamers embody them and get deeper into the Dragon Ball Z universe. Details about the characters are as follows:

  • SUPER SAIYAN BARDOCK: Thought to have been destroyed along with planet Vegeta, BARDOCK was sent back in time. During his fight against Chilled, he awakens into a Super Saiyan.
  • SUPER VEGITO: By using the Potara, GOKU and VEGETA fuses into VEGITO. In this Super Saiyan form, even MAJIN BUU, who absorbed many fighters’ powers, could not defeat him.

Be sure to let us know your thoughts on this latest DLC via the comment section below.

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