DriveClub delayed until 2014 – Rumour


Following the news yesterday that Watch_Dogs and The Crew are being delayed until Spring 2014, rumours are starting to circulate that PS4 exclusive DriveClub is following suit and won’t be hitting until the same time period.

Gaming site The Same Coin are reporting the rumour, stating that an “anonymous source” has revealed the delay, with no reason given.

Normally, we wouldn’t post rumours, but this is seemingly corroborated with a post on NeoGAF by a well-established insider, FamousMortimer. Initially stating that this was “Clickbait gettin Clicks”, a follow up post said: “Ok, so, um, well. I was wrong. Have fun Sony PR!!! This is good news for fans of Evolution racing games that want the best possible game… and haters of Sony that want something to point and laugh at. Wait for something official before taking it to the bank… but, yeah, sh*t.”

With the lack of Watch_Dogs from the next-gen console launches, this could be a huge blow to the launch plans for Sony, especially with DriveClub being a tentpole free title for PlayStation Plus members. As stated in both of the above sources, take this with a grain of salt, but with a credible insider with a proven track record admitting he was initially wrong, it’s looking like it could be true.

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