Driver: San Francisco Collector’s Edition Revealed


Ubisoft have announced that a special collector’s edition for Driver: San Francisco will be released in Europe when the title launches later on this year. The collector’s edition which is now available to pre-order on all formats, includes the following items –

  • A high quality, collectible replica of the hero car of the game (1970 Dodge Challenger Hemi R/T Six Pack – 18×9×9 cm)
  • A map of San Francisco, detailing the in-game location of the 80 dares scattered across the city
  • Two exclusive in-game vehicles [description to come]
  • The “Mass Chase” challenge: a wrongfully accused driver attempts to escape the whole police force of San Francisco and prove his innocence

Also there are other parts to be announced yet for the collector’s edition and this will of course happen in due course. If you want to see what this edition of the game looks like, check out the video below. The replica Dodge Challenger Hemi looks fantastic!

The Collector’s Edition can be pre-ordered here from Game and HMV. Game have the PS3 version listed at £59.99 while HMV have it listed for £64.99.

Thanks to Ubisoft for the video.

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