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Dude, Where's My Ultimate Team



Okay, so we know there’s been a lot of problems with Ultimate Team since its launch on 19th March (there is a podcast coming soon that touches on a few of the things that need looking at, including dodgy servers and disappearing players). But as I sat down to play the game this afternoon, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

Elated at finally managing to progress in the first online cup after two solid hours of playing today, imagine my surprise when I was greeted with this come my next game…


Can you spot what’s wrong?

You guessed it, one team (my team) has only got four players out on the pitch. Take a look at the formation screen and the player ratings screen in the second video – apologies about the poor quality but I had to use my camera phone – and you can see that I’ve selected a full eleven players. Unfortunately, only four came out of the dressing room.

[Screenshot 1] – [Screenshot 2]

I’m 90% sure I know what caused this; if you ever go into the team management menu item, before you start a match, and the option is there for you to choose a formation (including custom formations), then BACK OUT WITHOUT MAKING ANY CHANGES AND QUIT TO THE FIFA 09 MAIN MENU BEFORE PLAYING ULTIMATE TEAM AGAIN.

The team management menu item is usually locked so that it only lets you change custom tactics, quick tactics and player roles. Sometimes, however, areas that aren’t supposed to be accessible in Ultimate Team mode from the team management menu will appear. If you enter the areas that shouldn’t be there and make changes, such as the formations screen, you might find you end up with half a team when you play your next match.

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