Dungeon Hunter Alliance Review


Game: Dungeon Hunter Alliance
Developer: Gameloft
Publisher: Ubisoft
Reviewed on:

Released previously on the iPad and PlayStation 3 at a significantly cheaper price, Dungeon Hunter Alliance comes to the Vita with the all of its original features intact and a few touch screen/rear touch pad ones thrown in for good measure. Sadly, that doesn’t bode well for this old school dungeon crawler.

Even without the full price taken into consideration, the title’s old school “charm” wears off quickly and what you’re left with is an extremely basic dungeon crawler. For the most part, as the game doesn’t feature dodge or block mechanics, combat consists of you bashing one button and hoping hordes of generic enemies don’t whittle away at your health before you drink a health potion. Sadly, this leads to the combat getting extremely repetitive and boring after an hour or so, even if you’re a fan of the genre. You have a few special attacks at your disposal too; with one being trigged by a double tap of the touch screen and unleashing the power of your fairy companion.

Being a dungeon crawler, you’ll collect plenty of loot and the majority of it will certainly come in use as you progress through the game. Customisation options also seem to be quite deep, but there’s nothing particularly new or innovative on offer. Taking those options into consideration, it’s quite baffling that the game only allows you to choose from three classes. A few more classes to compliment the warrior, rogue and mage would’ve been great, allowing you to tackle the game in more than just three distinctly different ways.

The four player co-op (ad hoc or online) is certainly a plus and, for the most part, works extremely well. It adds a small layer of tactical play to proceedings, but still doesn’t help the combat from eventually becoming repetitive and boring.

To say Dungeon Hunter Alliance doesn’t use the Vita’s immense power would be a massive understatement. It’s clear to see that it is a port of a title that was originally designed with lesser mobile devices in mind. Even when you zoom out of the action, there’s a slight pixelated look to the visuals. Put it this way, this isn’t a title you’d purchase to show off the graphical oomph of your newly purchased Vita.

Even if you’re intrigued by Dungeon Hunter Alliance or are a fan of the genre, the Vita version is unlikely to satisfy your loot collecting itch. Whilst some of its mechanic and features are decent, the combat is uninspiring and extremely repetitive. You can tell this is game that wasn’t originally designed for the Vita, and the high price point doesn’t help either.


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