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Dutch National Team Licensed


What are those two so happy about? Well, it might be because of this.

It looks like the rumours are true and that the Dutch national team will indeed be licensed in FIFA 10. A few videos have surfaced on YouTube and been taken down again over the last few weeks, but this time the Dutch website PlayStation Only seems to have confirmed it. Take a look at the article they’ve put together over here, or look below for a quote and the English translation (big thanks to ajaxforever from Evo-Web for the link and translation):

Voorgaande jaren vonden we Oranje niet terug in FIFA, vanwege een debacle tussen EA en de KNVB. De laatste keer verscheen oranje in 2006 FIFA World Cup, sindsdien moesten Oranje-fans het doen met namen als Ronhaar en Neutenboom.

[Finally we can play with Oranje in FIFA 10. The team will be fully licensed and now you can play with the real guys instead of Ronhaar and Neutenboom. The last time we could play with Oranje was in the 2006 FIFA World Cup game.]

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