E3 2010: PES 2011 Trailer and Screens Hit


An epic day today for all of you that are huge fans of Konami’s, Pro Evolution Soccer series when a trailer and new screens were announced during E3 in LA. All I will say about the trailer is, WOW!. It really does show off how far this title has come since last year and with plenty of gameplay in the trailer, you can clearly see that Konami mean business this year with the release of PES 2011. Check out the screens, press release and also the fantastic trailer below –

Konami unveils breath-taking trailer that shows the movement and freedom set to make PES 2011 the season’s hottest property

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH will show off the breath-taking new animations and player likenesses set to bring its forthcoming PES 2011 title to vivid life as a new gameplay trailer premieres at this year’s E3 Expo in Los Angeles.

PES 2011 is all about freedom of movement, and the new game gives the user total control over their team. The new trailer showcases the sheer level of detail the PES Productions team has included in the new game, with the most realistic inter-player physics around allowing players to use their strength attributes to jostle players off the ball, while the results of over 100 hours of motion-capture sessions is shown as PES 2011’s players effortlessly slip into moves, run off the ball, or close down the opposition. Every aspect of the game’s animation has been reworked, and the result is an amazingly fluid experience.

The new trailer also shows the revolutionary new feint system linking all new tricks and skills together making one-on-one situations key to gameplay and the motion-blur effects used within replays to complement the TV-style presentation prevalent throughout the game, while fans of the South American Copa Libertadores competitions will delights in its inclusion within the new footage. PES 2011 enjoys the most extensive number of gameplay additions, control options, and animations to date – and central to these is an all-new power bar that allows the user to determine the exact strength and placement of passes, shots or throw-ins in the game.

Konami will also use E3 to showcase PES 2011’s new ‘Drag’n’Drop’ tactical system, wherein players can alter the balance or playing style of their side in seconds. The new system gives compete tactical control over every aspect of a performance, even allowing for preset options to play defensively to guard a lead, or to go all-out to consolidate a narrow lead.

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