E3 2012: Dead Space 3 To Feature Drop-In/Drop-Out Co-Op


Game Informer (via NeoGAF) have announced that Dead Space 3 will feature Drop-in/drop-out co-op gameplay.

This comes a change from the competitive multiplayer that is seen in Dead Space 2. Dead Space 3 developer Visceral have said that playing co-op will mean players will see cut scenes that won’t feature in single-player but those who plan on playing it through solo will still hear eveything they need to in order to get the whole story.

The game is also set to be less linear than previous games in the series. This allows players to complete side missions which are called unique beta missions. There’s a new cover system and new enemies, such as Fodders, Feeders, something called the Snow Beast and a huge Necromorph centipede called the Nexus. Players can also combine different weapons, such as the Plasma Cutter and Ripper, to form unique combination guns.

More on Dead Space 3 is certainly set to feature in the upcoming EA E3 press conference. Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

Source: Eurogamer

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