E3 2012: Nintendo Announce Wii U Miiverse


Nintendo have announced their Wii U online revolution titled Miiverse.

The Miiverse comes as an online forum where people can share their thoughts, make friends, discuss games, swap notes, post doodles, offer guides for games, as well as a alot more interactions. Miiverse will be accessible on the Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, PC, iPhone and other smartphones. It will also be accessible on games that come with no connectivity.

Wii U’s plaza which is an evolution to the original Mii Plaza will now be populated with people playing the same game, Miis saved on the system itself, as well as connected friends. It is there to encourage people to use it as a live forum for all Wii U users.

Another feature that the Miiverse will come with is video conference. This sees the Wii U tablet controller filming the user while the TV screen displays the signal from the other end. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has described the Miiverse as a extensive online hub and shows how serious Nintendo are taking online gaming. He said that this is the first thing players will see when the Wii U is switched on.

What do you think about Miiverse? Do you think it can be a success? Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

Source: CVG

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