E3 2012: Nintendo Officially Name Wii U GamePad


Nintendo have announced that the Wii U controller has officially been named the Wii U GamePad.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced that the company have also redesigned the button layout and also the back of the controller allowing for more comfort. Proper analogue controllers have been added which can be clicked. He also announced that the small square on the GamePad is the NFS Reader/Writer and also suggested that the TV power button will also be able to turn on player’s Televisions. It will also include motion and gyro sensors. Satoru Iwata stated the following:

“New technologies in general have made life easier and more efficient , but we have to discuss what this means for human relationships, We want to create something to unite people rather than divide them.”

Let us know your thoughts on the Wii U GamePad via the comment section beloow.

Source: CVG

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