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E3 2012 – Press Conference Schedule


E3 2012 is upon us and the inevitable rush of new FIFA 13 information will of course flood in over the next week. We’re expecting at least one big new announcement so keep your eyes firmly on the expo.

The most important events at E3 are of course the Press Conferences and to make sure you guys don’t miss anything FIFA or gaming related here’s the schedule of all the major conferences at E3 2012.

E3 2012 – Press Conference Schedule 


Monday June 4th

Microsoft – 9:30am (Local Time) 5:30pm (UK Time) – Stream 1 | Steam 2

Electronic Arts – 1:00pm (Local Time) 9:00pm (UK Time) – Stream 1 | Stream 2

Sony – 6:00pm (Local Time) 2:00am *Tuesday morning* (UK Time) – Stream 1 | Stream 2

Tuesday June 5th

Nintendo – 9:00am (Local Time) 5:00pm (UK Time) – Stream 1 | Stream 2

Massive thanks to our friends NextgenGamingBlog for all the details.

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