E3 2012: Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 – Jon Murphy Interview


NGB chats to Jon Murphy

E3 is over, but that doesn’t mean our coverage or content from the show has stopped. In fact, we’re just getting started, and what better way to kick off our post-E3 coverage than with a PES 2013 interview.

We posted our hands-on impressions of PES 2013 whilst we were out in Los Angeles, which if you haven’t read yet you most certainly should. Even at this early stage the game is shaping up quite nicely, but a few concerns and questions still remain. That is why we sat down with PES Team Leader, Mr Jon Murphy, and asked him about certain aspects of the game such as Player ID, goalkeepers and animations. PES 2013 aside, we even ask him about what has impressed him at E3 the most!

It’s an open and honest chat with Jon, one we hope you enjoy watching. Also, keep your eye out for another PES 2013 interview (we’re spoiling you) that will be hitting NGB later today.



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