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PES 2013 @ E3 – Robbye's Final Day Report


Our last day at E3 and I’ve been spending most of my time playing the PES 2013 demo at the Konami booth here in the L.A. convention center.

I’ve spent my game-time playing against the CPU, Media, and many matches against the Konami team. I’m finding that I’m getting used to the use of the new manual passing and shooting, it works great. It really has been a unique experience to see so many people with a lot of good reactions about the improvements in the game.

But since the beginning of this trip I had a mission in my mind, I wanted to present some suggestions and look for some answers to our community questions. The truth is that one whole page was trashed after 3 days of playing the demo. My questions were answered during game-time.

I’d like to thank Andre Bronzoni who signed me up for the Q&A with the PES2013 Japan team. I had a good shot at making this dream a reality. The team has been in a lot of meetings with media and vendors from all over the world. They’ve been showing all the improvements and videos of the new game.

During the panel discussion, directed by Tim Blair, Konami senior manager in the Americas, and the PES production team,  Kei Masuda (Lead Developer), Toru Kato(Manager & translator) and Naoya Hatsumi (Senior producer), due to the late meeting, there  were  only 4 of us media present.  (15 minutes till E3 officially ended).

Tim Blair started the meeting showing and explaining the 3 videos that Konami release during E3 to the public, at this point the E3 was announced over.

After that Mr. Masuda gave us news related to some specific modes in the game.

  • New ranking mode in the Master league online to match you up with similar level rival
  • A new widget to keep track of your friends and community PES players online and offline.
  • New unlock able Master League content using PES points.
  • Improvement to “My PES”

Next, was the opportunity for a quick Q&A.

First, someone requested for matches in Become a Legend mode to end quicker after you get substituted.  Or simply skip to the final score. Also he requested a better online game experience because he couldn’t connect with his friends to play pes online.

My turn was next and I asked to please inform the gamers before they purchase the game to make sure they will get the same version/region of the game as their friends or community (PS3) due to the online playing region restriction. They were concerned and will work to fix this problem in the future, in which I told them just to communicate the issue rather than trying to fix it. They asked, what way they could do it, and I suggested printing it on the back of the game box.

Here is where I open my bag and brought out a piece of paper with a drawing of the Master league competition, mentioning to the PES team that it is not realistic to play with Boca Juniors the Master league and qualifying to the Champions League.  Mr. Toru translated to Mr. Kei and we went back and forth with suggestions about edit teams etc. Mr. Toru after a few minutes of talking with Mr. Kei Masuda said to me, “The following news may make you very happy, this option will be part of PES 2013”. I was very happy to hear that so I said thanks!

Mr. Masuda asked me from what part of South America I was from and I gave him an Ecuadorian National soccer team jersey as a gift which really surprised him! He was very excited, so he took his PES 2013 Brazil t-shirt and asked me to please accept it. We took pictures, I asked him to sign my new t-shirt and I asked one more time, “so this means Copa Libertadores will be part of the Master League?” and he responded “yes”. I asked for permission to publish the news and they said that the permission was granted, and it was ok to share this fantastic news with all of you.

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