E3 2012: Sony Announce Olympic-Esque Metallic Gold Controller


We’ve all heard the news. The Olympics are on their way to London this year.

To coincide with them in gaming land, Sony have announced a ‘limited edition’ metallic gold DualShock 3 controller.

We can’t all be world class athletes so for many of us gamers, this is the closest we’ll come to olympic gold.

Sony had the following to say

“Available this June, going for gold has never been more apt; if it’s scoring a winning hat trick or making poll position, do it in style with the metallic gold Dualshock 3 and feel like a real winner,”.

It has all the features we’ve become accustomed to from a normal DualShock3 including Bluetooth tech for wireless gamplay, a slot for a USB cable, pressure sensitive buttons and SIXAXIS motion tech.

Are we the only ones gutted about the lack of a silver and bronze controller too?

Go for gold!

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