Dead Rising 3 Preview


For those that are familiar with Capcom’s zombie-filled series, Dead Rising 3 is more of the same but with a more realistic take on the genre that made the series very popular on the Xbox 360.

The section of the game that we were shown during our presentation was a small part of the fictional open world city called, Los Perdidos in which you take control of a new character, car mechanic, Nick Ramos. The Xbox One exclusive has been given a big overhaul in terms of its maturity and look. Gone is the cartoon-esque look of the previous Dead Rising titles and in come visuals that are dark and gritty. The ridiculous outfits and crafting system still remain though, but the latter is slightly more logical in relation to the universe (think The Last of Us). In the presentation, we were shown a chainsaw being ‘merged’ with a sledgehammer with devastating results. The tweaked crafting system is a great, bringing with it endless opportunities for outrageous weapons.

We were told during the presentation that Dead Rising 3 would have no loading screens during gameplay and it’s clear that the power of the Xbox One is the reason behind this. The developer also said that the amount of zombies on screen at any given time could be limitless, but sections had to be scaled back as it would become unplayable if this was implemented all the time.

One thing that struck me with Dead Rising 3 straight from the off was the fact that the colour scheme has been toned down and gone are the ‘over-the-top’ rainbow colours that we became familiar with from the first two games. This isn’t a bad thing though as it gives the game that more mature feel and, like I previously mentioned, a more realistic approach.

Aside from the norm, Dead Rising 3 will also feature Xbox SmartGlass integration for the first time which includes having the ability of bringing up your inventory or, like we witnessed in the demo, calling in an artillery strike to clear a path of overcrowded zombies. It all looked very slick, but the main concern with this is will it alienate people that don’t own a SmartGlass device or a rival tablet?

Dead Rising 3 looked detailed and smooth, but nothing really screamed ‘Next-Gen’. That was my biggest gripe with the game. Yes, it didn’t look bad and no loading screens is great, but for a game that is coming to powerful new hardware like the Xbox One I did expect a little more in terms of graphical prowess. Still, it’s early days, so Capcom does have time to add some polish before it’s eventually released.

Dead Rising 3 is shaping up to be a very good launch title for the Xbox One, and it looks like will be enough here to keep fans of the series happy. That said there is a ‘been there, done that’ feel about certain parts of the game, so it will be interesting to see if Capcom remain stuck in the series’ past or if they’ll will reinvigorate the series and deliver something fresh. We’re hopeful that it could be the latter!

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