DuckTales: Remastered Preview


For those that remember the classic 1989 NES title DuckTales, the news that a remastered version of the game was going to be released in 2013 was pure nostalgia heaven.

Saying that, given the not-so-great track record of game remakes, I’ll be honest, I was left a little worried. Will my happy memories be ruined? Is it a bad mistake trying to improve a near perfect platformer? E3 2013 eased my fears.

If you remember the simple yet intuitive control scheme, you will feel at home pretty much immediately. No major changes have been made. The demo I played at E3 featured two stages, one featured the classic mine cart level I remember so fondly as a kid and another involved swinging and bouncing to avoid over-sized gorillas. To add to the classic platforming, DuckTales: Remastered features plethora of secrets that are dotted throughout each stage. If you’re a completionist and want to 100% each stage, the additional challenge is certainly present.

As mentioned above, whilst the control set-up hasn’t really changed, the overall look certainly has. The remastered version still has the classic DuckTales look and feel, but it now has a 2013 gloss over the top and it looks absolutely gorgeous. The developer has done an incredible job of keeping the look and feel of the original, yet bringing it into the new age. Hats off to them as the game almost pops out of the screen during certain sections, the visuals are that good. Characters look crisp and the artwork is just sublime.

Not only was DuckTales: Remastered such a delight to play, it was also one of my highlights for E3 2013. It brought back such fond memories of my gaming past. All the reservations that I had before playing it were blown away. Anyone that has a love of platformers and retro gaming, you might just need this in your life when it’s released later this year.

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