E3 2013 – Kingdom Hearts 3 Announced


Square Enix have announced Kingdom Hearts 3 for the PlayStation 4.

The announcement came during Sony’s E3 press conference this morning and showed off a trailer in which Riku was seen running away from hordes of Heartless.  A release date wasn’t revealed but it is expected it will be released next year.

Having learned that all the conflicts surrounding “Kingdom Hearts” were a part of Master Xehanort’s master plan to cause a Keyblade War, Sora and his friends search for the seven guardians of light to combat the darkness.

While King Mickey and Riku set off in search of previous Keyblade wielders, Sora, Donald and Goofy visit various Disney worlds in search of the “Key to Return Hearts.

It will come taking  full use of next-generation console technologies to deliver more exhilarating, action-packed gameplay and various fun features. It is the first proper sequel since Kingdom Hearts 2 was released in 2006.

Enjoy the trailer and let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.



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