E3 2013 – Knack Gameplay Footage


After it was shown off during Sony’s highly successful conference at E3, Knack was confirmed as a launch title and we were shown its official trailer. Now a few days on we have  gameplay footage thanks to GamesHQMedia.

In the below video, Mark Cerny and Producer of Knack, Yusuke Watanabe, discuss just what Knack is all about. Basically the idea is to get bigger than everything bigger than you!

ALso briefly mentioned in the video, when you enter secret areas and pick up the rewards dished out from hidden chests, to the right you will see anyone on your friends list who has also found that same secret area. A nice touch!

Anyway, less of me and more of them, enjoy.


So what are your thoughts? Cerny likens Knack to Crash Bandicoot in terms of game play, would you agree from what is shown here? I personally feel like I will be picking this up along side my shiny new PS4… Come on lottery!

Source VG24/7

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