E3 2013 – Metal Gear Solid V PC 'Not a Priority'


Metal Gear Solid V creator Hideo Kojima has revealed that it is not currently a priority for Metal Gear Solid V to come out on PC.

In a video interview with GTTV, Kojima explained that while they hope it will be released on the PC at some time, other consoles were currently a priority.

“Of course we are developing on a PC, so we look forward to releasing something on the PC sometime, but right now we have no release date, We are not really looking to do that right now, that’s not a priority. We are making it and we hope to put it out [on PC] as well.”

Would you like to see Metal Gear Solid V come to the PC? Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

Source: VG247 (cc: PCgamesN)

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