E3 2014: Trials Frontier Update Out Now


Ubisoft have released a new update for Trials Frontier, which is available to download via the app store on iOS. An android update will come next month.

The new update brings a new mission, Home Sweet Home, as well as 11 new tracks and more customization options, allowing players to create a unique look for their rider and bike. New outfits can be equipped at the new Home Shack while every bike has new paint job options.

Riders have a new way to take the lead with the Banana Time feature. Players can sabotage villains by throwing a banana peel into their path, causing villains to slip and opening up an opportunity for riders to cruise towards victory. The Loot Wheel has also been updated, so players can now win massive amounts of coins, new tracks, outfits, and bike paint jobs.
Competitive Trials Frontier players now have the option to receive push notifications so they can be notified when friends pass them on the leaderboards, giving them a chance to go back and defend their ranking. Players can connect with Trials Fusion, available on both consoles and Windows PC, to gain access to bonus rider gear and see what some of the tracks looked like in their prime.

Let us know your thoughts on the new update via the comment section below.

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