E3 2014: Zelda Wii U Gameplay Footage


Everyone has been waiting for it, and now some fantastic gameplay footage has been revealed for the new Zelda title in development for the Wii U.

Speaking about Zelda for the Wii U, Nintendo stated:

The newest game in the franchise, scheduled for 2015, introduces the first truly open world in a game from the series, Players can roam Hyrule Field or set off on a trek to distant mountains if they prefer. Players can get to any area they can see from virtually any direction. That’s one of the ways the game breaks with franchise norms and introduces new ways to play.

It currently has no name, no release date but who cares, the fact it’s finally been revealed is enough to most Zelda fans. Drool over the video and let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.


Source: Eurogamer

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