EA Confirm SSX Demo Is Incoming


We all knew that it was likely to come at some point anyway, but today EA confirmed that a demo for the next (and long overdue) SSX title will be released in the near future.

No actual date has been set, but SSX Producer, Sean Smillie, said the following when prompted about the possibility of a demo – “Yeah, there are plans. But I haven’t been told when that’s going to happen”.

When the title was first announced its working title was “SSX: Deadly Descents”, but it has now dropped the Deadly Descents moniker and will now be known as just SSX. Smillie explained the reason for this was that it didn’t really represent what the new title was all about.

“It sort of has to do with the three pillars of gameplay I’ve always mentioned.” said Smillie.

“With Deadly Descents, we were trying to get across that we had something new and different to do in SSX. I think the messaging was misguided. With Deadly Descents it sort of focused on “Survive It”, but what it didn’t do was reassure people that yes, we are still doing race and trick too. The other parts of the game weren’t being represented properly, so we dropped Deadly Descents and just went with SSX.”

SSX will be released on both PS3 and 360 in January 2012.

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