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EA Considering FIFA Street Elements For FIFA 13?


In an interesting interview with Eurogamer FIFA Street Producer Gary Paterson has revealed that some of FIFA Streets gameplay elements are being “evaluated” by the studio to see if parts of Street Ball Control or Street Dribble could be suitable for the next FIFA title when it’s announced.

Catch the full interview for more info but here’s a snippet of what Gary had to say…

“It’s a very intuitive and elegant mechanic but it’s not something you see too often in real football. But maybe there are elements of it that can be shared and taken. It’s something they’re evaluating right now. I don’t think any decisions have been made.”

From the videos you guys have seen and having played it myself it’s very obvious that much of the Street Ball Control system wouldn’t be suitable for a main FIFA title but as Gary said there are certainly elements which could be adapted to improve the vast potential of FIFA 12’s Precision Dribble. The element in particular which springs to mind is shielding which FIFA hasn’t really done properly since it was ripped from FIFA 10 and never replaced.

Whether any FIFA Street content makes FIFA 13 is obviously up in the air but it’s certainly never a bad thing for the team to share ideas in this way and who knows, Street Ball Control could just fill in the blanks to take Precision Dribble to the next level.

You’ll all be able to try FIFA Street soon when the Demo releases on February 28th and you can catch our interview with Gary Paterson here.


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