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EA Expect FIFA 12 Ultimate Team To Make $100 Million


Ultimate Team has posted some impressive sales figures in the past but $39 Million in just the 3 months from FIFA 12’s launch until the end of December 2011 is something pretty special indeed. What’s probably most worrying is that EA expect that figure to more than double netting a massive $100 million in digital sales by the end of March 2012.

As well as that gargantuan projection for this year it’s also been revealed that Ultimate Team already made EA a whoping $100 million last financial year which is essentially FIFA 10 and FIFA 11 combined.

It’s no surprise then that EA are looking to shift the FIFA Ultimate Team model in to it’s other franchises and here’s what EA President Frank Gibeau had to say:

“On the question about digital expansions within the Sports label based on what we’ve been able to do with Ultimate Team, we’re certainly looking at that as an opportunity in our other sports, but not just limited to our sports – We have a very ambitious plan to drive digital revenues off of our console businesses in our shooters category, in the racing category, in action. So we’re taking the key learnings that we’re developing from Battlefield and FIFA and we’re applying it to our entire suite of brands and across all of our different labels”

So there you have it, expect more micro-transaction goodness from other EA titles in the not too distant future and if they mimic the success of Ultimate Team, the future is indeed very bright for EA BUT is it bright for gamers?

Hit the comments guys and let us know how you feel about buying packs and micro-transactions in general.

Source: Eurogamer

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