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EA Forum: Feedback And Suggestions Now Open


It’s taken a little while but the feedback and suggestions area of the Official EA FIFA11 Forums is now open. So far just a few threads exist but pleasingly the “12 Enemies of FIFA” thread we posted about over Christmas by community member Xaor is leading the way. This effectively opens the door to get some really good feedback to EA on what we think needs improving for FIFA12 and beyond so get over there and get the debate flowing.

Please make sure you pay particular attention to the Disclaimer post at the top of the page which merely states that not everything discussed in this area of the forum can or will be in the final game.

Huge thanks to FIFA11 Community Manager Phil Wride for setting up the new sub section of the forum and also to community member HandofBeadle who I know pushed extremely hard for the feedback and suggestions area to open.

FIFA11 Xbox360/PS3 Feedback And Suggestions

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