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EA kicked off E3 2018 with nothing more than a sizzle but did reassure gamers that the loot box craze of last year has been laid to rest.

Battlefield V

The show kicked off with a very brief glimpse of Battlefield V. The short trailer showed a little more of the new Grand Operations with the emphasis being on short. The fellers on stage drilled home that players, vehicles and weapons will be customisable, making this a unique take on WW2. Nothing else was really shown in this regard but expect some gameplay over the course of the week as visitors can go hands-on with the game.


Some kind of cup is coming to FIFA 19 and this is exciting, apparently. The EUFA Champions League is finally coming to FIFA 19 and will let you play as the most coveted teams across the league to win that shiny cup. FIFA 18 isn’t dead yet, either, as a new World Cup mode is being added for free and there’s also a free trial for the entire game, playable for the next few days.

Madden 19

Madden 19 is coming to PC after a 10-year break. There was also a weird segment about a guy skipping his graduation to “earn that money” which was a little odd. If you like rain and men in body armour then Madden looks like it might be a winner for you.

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

In a weird turn of events, EA Play’s host took to the crowd to berate a chap from Respawn. It’s here where we found out that a new Star Wars game is coming next year. Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order takes place between Episode 3 and 4 during a dark period of the Jedi’s timeline. Nothing was shown as this was literally a convo with a chap in the audience.

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Yep, it’s still a thing, and after an apology for completely screwing up the progression system it was announced that Clone Wars will be making an appearance in a future update. General Grievous and Obi-Wan Kenobi will be playable heroes/villains and the aim is to support Star Wars Battlefront 2 for the foreseeable future.

Unravel two

Unravel two was simultaneously announced and released in quite a bold move. Unravel is an incredible little game and this looks to follow suit, certainly in its charm. The twist this time around is that you’ll be playing with another Yarny and it’s up to the two of you to complete the puzzles that lay before you. Fret not if you’re a loner like me as Unravel two can also be played solo.

Sea of Solitude

It’s always nice to see indie devs take to the stage as their passion is a nice break from the norm of money-grabbing publishers and the Sea of Solitude announcement allowed for just that. It’s difficult to know just what Sea of Solitude is about but it looks to play on the theme of loneliness and self-recovery so you can expect to be bawling your eyes out when playing it.

Command & Conquer: Rivals

Stop! Don’t get excited yet. Command & Conquer is returning but it’s returning in the form of an, assumed F2P, mobile game. Whilst it didn’t actually look too bad it’s not a proper CnC game and this displeases me (something, something, change is bad). Weirdly, Command & Conquer: Rivals took up a huge chunk of time with eSport commentators trying to drum up some excitement over what is essentially a CnC cash in.


Anthem stole the show last year and it was now time to show off the game in all its glory. Unfortunately, the presentation was pretty flat and the gameplay fairly substandard. It’s harsh, sure, but from the initial hype I was expected to be blown away but instead, I barely had to adjust my fringe.

Anthem is essentially a PvE heavy version of Destiny. PvP wasn’t mentioned at all during the conference, although I was nodding off at this point so feel free to correct me in the comments below. What was shown was by no means bad but it’s all very familiar. The Javelin’s (power suits) are the game’s classes and these can be changed prior to heading out on a mission. Each class has its own unique abilities with some focusing on heavy-hitting whilst others are more tactical or general, solider-like classes.

Anthem also mixes single player and multiplayer gameplay to allow for the unique storytelling you’d expect from a Bioware game. You’ll collect missions from safehouses which is where the majority of the story is told and it’s only once you embark out into the open world that you’ll meet up with friends to play the game.

I’m still interested to see where Anthem goes, least not because it’s a Bioware game, but it does currently feel a little flat when compared to Destiny 2 a game not without its own problems.

And that was that. EA closed the conference and opened the floor to visitors. Hopefully, they found a bit more gameplay than what was shown to us at home.

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