EA: PS3 Is The Lead Development System for Medal of Honor


During the current life cycle of the next gen consoles, most will know that the PS3 has been lacking when it comes to being a lead development system for the majority of multi format titles with developers choosing the ‘easier’ system to work with, the Xbox 360. Recently more game developers have come out and stated their intentions to make the PS3 the lead system for development including Vanquish Director, Shinji Mikami. It seems that another developer has also gone down the ‘PS3 first for development’ route with EALA creative director Richard Farrelly stating that EALA have developed the up and coming late 2010 FPS, Medal of Honor on the PS3 first.

In an interview with CVG he said the following –

“We’re leading on PS3, we’ve developed the game on PS3.” “We’re working hard to deliver the exact same experience across all platforms. I think for me the most important thing is for everyone that plays Medal of Honor is satisfied… I guess the benefit to the PS3 owner is that we’re leading on it, so we’ll maximise what that platform can do for our game.”

This is good news as it’s been a long time coming. The PS3 has seen some pretty dodgy ports come across to the console in the past and without mentioning any names, I think most people will know the ones I’m talking about. It seems that a lot of people say it is harder to develop on the PS3 than it is say on the Xbox 360 and maybe this is right but from the stunning exclusives we have seen been developed for the PS3, there is no excuse for bad ports these days.

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