EA Release EA UFC Tips & Tricks for Demo


EA are giving gamers a plethora of information to get them up to speed on how to get the most out of the gameplay in EA UFC.

The link posted from their official Facebook page takes gamers to a page with four sections. Video Tutorials; Submission 101; Controller Maps; Demo Details.

This is a fantastic way to help newcomers to an MMA game and help those coming over from THQ’s UFC Undisputed franchise learn to break bad habits picked up from those titles. The controller maps are specifically very useful as they go into incredible detail on everything that you are capable of pulling off. The Demo details section also does a great job of talking gamers through the demo and what they can expect when they download it.

Submission 101 will be an area that players should really check out as this is an area that has always been the hardest to get right for MMA games and if players are comfortable with it they will enjoy that part of the game even more.

Hit the link to check out all of the above! EA UFC Tips & Tricks

What do you all think of the demo thus far? Are you glad EA have released these tips? Let us know below!

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