EA Send out Battlefield 4 Alpha Invites


EA have started sending out invites to selected PC Battlefield players in order to start helping out with tests for Battlefield 4.

Emails were sent out to selected players and the tests of the trial is to perform a number of server-related tests in order to make sure Battlefield 4 is ready and stable when it launches later this year. The full email can be read over at NeoGAF.

The beta test will run for two weeks beginning today and the tests will run every day from 5pm – 11pm. Speaking about the trial, DICE stated:

“This is a highly tech-focused, white-boxed Alpha Trial that does not represent final quality of the game. Most of the level textures will be white (except soldiers and vehicles) and performance at this early stage will be potentially choppy, with possible issues such as server lag and downtime.”

Are you one of the lucky trialists for Battlefield 4? Let us know via the comment section below.

Source: CVG

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