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EA Server Overload


Following the release of the Ultimate Team content for FIFA 09 the EA servers have been about as reliable as a chocolate teapot. It appears that EA have underestimated the strain that the new content would add to the server load; since Ultimate Team was released it’s been difficult to connect to them (and stay connected). This wouldn’t be too bad if the problem was just an Ultimate Team issue, but every online game mode is currently inaccessible due to the problems.

We have been checking the official EA forums for the last couple of days and it’s safe to say that EA are aware of the issue; the “Ultimate Team Issues” thread hit upwards of fifty pages within a few hours. In-fact so many people have rushed to complain that the forums have been down almost as often as the servers!

Hopefully the problems will be ironed out soon but with it being a weekend now, you have to wonder if we will be waiting until Monday for a permanent fix.

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