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EA SPORTS Announce F2P FIFA World


For years now the FIFA fans in the west have envied their fellow fans in the east, particularly the PC crowd. Why you ask? One simple factor, Free-To-Play FIFA.

Today, EA SPORTS have announced that they are bringing a F2P downloadable version of FIFA to PC gamers in the west under the new brand name, FIFA WORLD. The game will initially be rolled out in Brazil and Russia, with the game being marketed at the huge demographic of PC gamers in these two countries. EA SPORTS also promise that the game will feature the “FIFA HD console gameplay”, two game modes FIFA Ultimate Team and Seasons, as well as over 30 officially licensed leagues that include the Russian Football Premier League and 19 officially licensed clubs from Brazil.


The game will be downloadable but will require a broadband connection and a PC with decent specs, EA say an “average spec laptop computer or desktop personal computer” will suffice. The game will also be built around ULTIMATE TEAM which EA SPORTS claim is the most popular mode in the FIFA series. You are cordially invited by Team FSB to register now to participate in the closed beta development and testing of FIFA World by visiting www.easportsfifaworld.com. The game is scheduled for launch in November 2013 and we will be waiting to see how it compared to NEXXON’s efforts in Asia.

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