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EA SPORTS & Borussia Dortmund Extend Partnership


EA SPORTS and Borussia Dortmund have extended their partnership into the 2013/2014 season.

Many BVB players were recently 3D captured and fans of the German side will again be able to see their stars perfectly replicated in FIFA 14. Striker Robert Lewandowski will also feature on the cover of the Polish version.

Carsten Cramer, Sales & Marketing Director for Borussia Dortmund stated:

We are pleased that the partnership with EA SPORTS was extended. The football simulation FIFA established itself as a part of the sport we all love so much. It offers football fans worldwide a great platform to identify with their clubs.EA SPORTS is an important international partner for us, bringing the BVB brand to living rooms across the world, Our players also enjoy playing FIFA.So everyone is looking forward to experience the new instalment.

Björn Vöcking, Head of Marketing at Electronic Arts, also added:

Borussia Dortmund has been one of the world’s top clubs for a long time. The team’s achievements in recent years are impressive. With this partnership, EA SPORTS wants to take FIFA another step closer toward linking the real world of football with our game. BVB has been an appealing and valuable partner for several years, and they share our love and passion for football

The relationship comes focusing on the EA SPORTS fan bench which starts with Sunday’s home match against Eintracht Braunschweig at Signal Iduna Park which is arranged by SPORTFIVE. A competition is running where two lucky BVB fans will be able to sit on that bench and watch the team in action. You can enter this competition here.

Stefan Heitfeld, SPORTFIVE team manager in Dortmund also stated:

We are pleased that the cooperation between EA SPORTS and Borussia Dortmund will be continued this season.It’s great, both for football in general, and especially for the fans.I don’t know a single BVB fan who wouldn’t want to watch a match live from a bench at the edge of the field

Are you happy that BVB and EA SPORTS’s partnership will continue? What other teams would you like to see in an exclusive partnership with EA? Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

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