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EA SPORTS Ditch Game Manuals


According to gaming site Kotaku EA SPORTS have decided that in the aim of providing a more environmentally friendly game production it’s time for printed manuals to go. That means the copy of FIFA 11 you have now will be the last FIFA game ever, to come with a physical manual inside. A sad thought for some I’m sure.

Taking their place will be in-game digital manuals and a bigger focus on tutorials to teach gamers the ropes. EA SPORTS have followed suit with publishing giant Ubisoft who ceased producing their games with printed manuals some time ago starting with Shaun White Skateboarding in 2010. As well as being “green” the removal of physical manuals also saves the publishers a tidy sum in printing costs of course.

So, the big questions have to be do you even give your FIFA 11 manual a second glance? And is this eco-friendly strategy commendable or an attempt to squeeze even more profit from EA SPORTS titles?

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