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EA SPORTS Football Club Announced At E3


In a largely familiar FIFA 12 presentation at E3 the jewel in the crown was without doubt the announcement of the EA SPORTS Football Club which takes the social FIFA experience online for everyone and thankfully for the first year it’s 100% free.

– Pick your home club, but play as any team to gain points for your team and climb up the leader boards. Everything players do will push the team they support to the top of the virtual league.

– Track your progress against friends across any platform. For the first time ever, everything that happens within EA Sports FIFA12 and against friends is measured in a meaningful way.

– Live service; allowing fans to connect and compete with fans around the world.

– Earn experience points and level up to build your status. Track friends, challenges and status through the web at easportsfootball.com

– Real-world storylines will drive content in EA Sports Football Club, making the game feel fresh and new all the time

We’ll bring you much more on this when the dust settles, but for now check out the EA SPORTS Flickr gallery HERE

And here’s an even better gallery over at Gamersyde

UPDATE: Matt Bilbey talks EA SPORTS Football Club on EAFootballWorld

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