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EA Sports Talent Scout


We frequently see discussion on the boards and comments about various issues people have with player ratings and team data. “They’ve got the wrong socks!”, “He’s not that fast!”, “He’s not got blue eyes!” and so on. Then there’s the numerous hair sagas we’ve witnessed over the years…

Well EA are once again offering you the chance to right those wrongs by applying for one of the various Talent Scout roles available for FIFA 13.

There are 4 types of position, some paid, some voluntary, and the outline of each is detailed below:

Data Reviewers: Rich with football knowledge but time-poor? This is the (voluntary) role for you. We’ll ask you to take a look at the data for the clubs that you know inside out and give us your feedback. If Data Reviewers do well they can be offered a contract and promotion to become Data Editors. It’s a good role to understand the database and get a feel about if you want to try for one of the paid-for position.

Asset Editors: This is a paid, contract position – pass a quick test and you could be creating and changing faces and bodies of players within the game. And you’ll get listed in the game credits too.

Data Editors: A really important role. It’s another contract position and you end up in the credits. Data Editors research and edit teams and players within our massive database, so this covers team formation, style settings, player attributes and much more.

Reference Collector: Collecting and providing reference pictures of kits – the four S’s: Shirts, Socks, Shorts and Sponsors. Another contract role with a call-out in the game credits.

To sign up, head over to the Talent Scout website. You can read the full release on EA.com and Follow EA FIFA Talent Scout on Twitter.

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