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EA SPORTS Tightening FIFA Security


With the online expansion of the FIFA series over the current generations life-cycle, there have been some reports from fans regarding malicious hacks and compromised accounts. Eurogamer has an interesting article about how EA SPORTS plan to address these issues going into next-gen.

There have been widespread reports over the years about player accounts being hacked on Ultimate Team, with EA SPORTS maintaining that this is a result of phishing and not hacks due to the popularity of the FUT player packs. With the next-gen of consoles requiring greater online connectivity and increased online features, how would EA SPORTS protect their consumers from their rare occurrences. The head of EA SPORTS Andrew Wilson outlines how his team aim to tackle some of these issue going into next-gen.

“We haven’t had any major or serious attacks. You never say never, but we understand the value of information and privacy and the value of maintaining the integrity of the data. We are investing heavily – I mean heavily – in that and I believe first parties also are.”

The article goes into further details with regards to responses from fans and how these phishing attacks could be affecting the consumer. However, its great to hear that EA SPORTS are putting plans in place to make the next-gen experience all the more secure.

Source: Eurogamer

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