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EA Treating FUT Hacking 'Very Seriously'


Whilst FIFA 12 Ultimate was an overwhelming commercial success for EA netting $108 million and racking up over 380 million played games, it was tarnished by the hacking scandal which even saw Anne Robinson and Watchdog get involved.

The good news for FIFA 13 is that EA have taken the incident ‘very seriously’ and have ‘put a lot of resource on it’ to try and stay on top of those who try to abuse Ultimate Teams Auction House and scam it’s players.

Here’s what EA Labels President Frank Gibeau had to say…

“We learned a lot from the experience. A lot of companies are suffering from this right now. There’s a lot of sophisticated hacking happening in the gaming industry and it’s a continuous battle.”

“We take it very seriously, we’ve put a lot of resources on it. The learning from the FIFA example last year has been incorporated this year. There’s some incremental and additional things. I don’t want to get too detailed because I don’t want to tip our hand. Rest assured, we take it very seriously.”

EA are obviously reluctant to reveal the steps they’ve taken to tighten FUT security but hopefully we can all enjoy a trouble free year for FIFA 13. If you were caught up in the scandal in FIFA 12 hit the comments and let us know your thoughts.

Source: Joystiq

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