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EA Unveil New FIFA World Features


The free-to-play downloadable title, FIFA World have had some new features unveiled today by EA SPORTS.

The new features includes Gamepad Support which will be used for the next phase of beta testing which begins on October 8th.

For those who are not familiar with FIFA World, it is a fun new way to play EA SPORTS FIFA for fans in Brazil and Russia who are not console gamers. It comes featuring FIFA HD console gameplay, and is built around FIFA Ultimate Team, the most popular game mode within EA SPORTS FIFA where fans create unique squads from the world’s best players to play their preferred style of soccer. FIFA World also features the popular Seasons Mode.

New fans can register for their chance to take part in the beta, if you live in Brazil or Russia. Other new features that have been announced include a new social hub, where fans can share in-game content with friends, the addition of over 600 clubs from 33 leagues, including the officially licensed Russian Football Premier League and 20 officially licensed football clubs from Brazil, all wearing authentic kits with rosters that reflect the current football season, and daily community challenges with rewards, such as FIFA Ultimate Team packs.

EA SPORTS Producer Alex Grimbley stated:

FIFA World is designed to be easy to pick up and play for new fans who are not console gamers, and we encourage new fans in Brazil and Russia to now participate and share their experience with us, We will continue to listen to our fans as they help us shape this game and the many more features and modes to launch over the coming months.

Do you think that FIFA World is a good concept? Would you like to see it released here in the UK? Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

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