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EASFC Companion App Updated


It’s really suffered since launching last week with users frequently staring at a grey screen, but the EASFC companion app has had what’s likely to be the first of many updates.

V1.0.1 was uploaded to the app store at some point yesterday, but only addresses one problem specifically. The “what’s new in version 1.0.1” section reads:

  • We’ve resolved an issues whereby some users could not sign into the app a second time.
  • We’ve also made a number of behind-the-scenes adjustments to improve your overall experience.

The last part is pretty vague, but hints that the fixes they’re applying are server side perhaps? EASFC has been up and down over the last few days…

I’ve run the update and it seems OK, but the app has always been a case of working well or not at all. For now it’s working again.

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