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EDGE Unveil New PES Engine!


It’s the moment you guys have been waiting for as the EDGE magazine which unveils the new engine that will feature in future Pro Evolution Soccer titles is out today!

The feature article is features quotes from various members of the PES team such as Jon Murphy and Kei Masuda, who both go into detail on how they hope the new engine will set up a bright future for PES.

The new engine was thought of by many to be the Fox Engine. However, the PES team state that it is NOT the Fox Engine but an adaption of the engine made specifically for football games. The engine comes based on three main pillars:

  • ‘Barycentre’ Physics and Ball Control
  • Contact and Physicality
  • Squad Emulator

We have all seen that fantastic image of Masuda on the cover of the EDGE magazine. It seems that the fantastic visuals of the players will also stretch to balls, boots and stadiums as the article states that real and engine versions of Old Trafford were shown and they were indistinguishable to each other.

The new engine has been made so it adapts to more than just a console. The PES team are focusing on many other area such as tablets and phones. Editing a formation or player on your mobile/tablet on the way home from work? I’m sure you will all agree when we say that sounds fantastic!.

The controls and physics for future PES titles will also be revamped allowing for a much tighter control with much more precision that we have saw before in a PES title. Players will be able to drop a shoulder BEFORE the ball arrives and will control the player’s body when it comes to performing feints and skill moves such as step overs etc. There was no word given on how this will be controlled but it seems that the Right Stick will be the logical and likely answer. Players will also be able to jostle for space against players and also finally be able to ‘work’ for headers at corners, not just button mash as we have seen before. These controls were likened to that of Skate and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and could be fantastic to PES in the future. PES Veterans were said to be able to adapt to this new engine and controls whilst they are also experimenting with Assisted controls for newcomers to the series.

A lot of people have been screaming for better atmosphere’s in PES and this new engine allows for just that and have a big impact on matches. Home/Away matches will now matter greatly. Fans will react to key moments in the game such as hard-hitting tackles, penalties and goals to name a few moments. The crowd will also have an impact on player performance in game. If a crowd is on a players back, it may result in that player’s passing ability to suffer or to become more fatigued. However, the engine allows for Player’s Mental strength to have an effect. Stronger ‘Mental’ players will show to have less or no effect to the crowd. Of course, a cheering, buzzing crowd can also have the upturn effect and help the players on. The crowd will finally become the team’s 12th man!.

PES 2013 has around 40 star players/individual attributes and this new PES engine allows for that number to be greatly enhanced which will be fantastic for Player ID in the future. PES has always been about great individuality and its great to hear that Individuality will still be a fundamental part of the new engine.

A lot of the feedback have been for better animations and transitions in game and the new engine will allow for just that AND were shown to EDGE to be more fluid than that of FIFA 13. The Player and Ball are now a complete separate entity which allows for a greater control and the shirts are also separate from the players. Want to tug on coming player’s shirt to stop him easily passing you? That will now be possible.

It seems Team ID is also a big factor of the new engine with the new tactical side of the game. Player’s can set ‘Zones of Play’ and create playing styles that will be instantly recognizable of your favorite teams. The article mentions that of Celtic’s playing style when they managed to over come Barcelona. Players can set their full backs to over-lap or even double up on players such as Ronaldo or Messi when they receive the ball.

For those worried about the new engine only being available on next-gen, everything in Tokyo was shown to be running on the PlayStation 3. However, Konami have stated that the new engine is also ‘ready’ for next-gen.

Remember guys, this is not the PES 2014 reveal. The actual game announcement will come at a later date.

Let us know your thoughts on the engine reveal via the comments section below.

You can purchase the full magazine on your iPad here.

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