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Edit Mode 2010 – What do You Want?


Community threads are fast becoming very important in Konami’s world, and the fans are aware of this. The PES development team are consistently scouring through message boards trying to see what the fans really want, and it’s a welcome incentive for many people who have always felt their input fell on deaf ears.

So comes another popular thread from the boards that is starting to gather pace, focused on the edit mode. It’s a subject that has only arisen since the nextgen era (like most of PES’ problems), and one that Konami are gradually fixing. Last year came close to fixing most problems, but there are still some glaring omissions (untucked shirts I hear you cry). Started by geoyakult, the thread titled ‘Edit Mode 2010 – What Do You Want’ has already had some fantastic ideas. View them and add your own by clicking here!

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