Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim In-Game Trailer Released


News is starting to come thick and fast for the fifth Elder Scrolls game

This trailer was released two days ago and  it’s the first proper view at what Skyrim will look like in motion and give a general look at the landscapes. The game looks stunning. There are literally no other words that I can use to adequately convey how brilliant it looks

May as well have a look for yourself:


This video sent me from being excited to being a giant puddle of giddiness, take what you will from that. It’s just that good looking

I’ve watched the video countless times now and I still marvel at the scene with the main character walking through the village and also the scene where he appears to be sneaking up on some sort of creature in the woods.

I personally can’t wait to play this. I loved Oblivion, so much so that I actually bought it twice. Here’s hoping that this game tops it.

I’ll just stop short of actually counting the days until the 11th November comes but this will definitely be a day one purchase

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