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Embargo Countdown Begins!


Well I’m sure most of you have been counting down for a while now, but its good to say the press embargo is ending very soon. From 10am on October 15th, you’ll be greeted with an explosion of PES 2010 goodness. And its just not the Eurogamer’s and IGN’s hitting the reviews and videos, expect most of the noise being made from the community sites.

PESGaming and of course PESFan will be launching their reviews as well as other media on the 15th (click here for more info on PESFan). With that in mind WENB will be working with those sites rather than against them, and will act as a feeder site for all news hitting for the remainder of the week. That’s not to say we won’t have anything to contribute on the day, though…

As usual, we’ll have a special podcast for you guys for 15th, and we’re hoping to get Adam W from XGB on there too – especially as he’s had the finished game the longest out of practically anyone out there! Along with that XGB will be hitting more videos of game modes, and lets not forget videos and screenshots of the upcoming WENB OF. While all thats going on we’ll be doing our customary Q&A on the boards.

Our entire embargo-ending coverage will climax on Monday 19th October, when we release our written review. Then, with launch of the game days away, it will be a massive focus on all things WENB OF, and hopefully the release for Friday morning alongside PES 2010 launch!

Quite a busy few weeks then, make sure you’re prepared. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

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