Epic Saints Row: The Third Trailer


THQ and Volition Inc have today decided to spoil us all by releasing a trailer showcasing an entire mission from their upcoming, over-the-top sandbox game, Saints Row: The Third.

Clocking in at just over eight minutes in length, the trailer shows off the second mission from the game which is titled Freefalling. It’s quite the fitting title, we’ll let you what watch the trailer itself to see why. Before that though, to get you in the Saints Row: The Third mood, here’s some back story relating to the mission.

International celebrities, media magnates, and notorious crime lords…the Third Street Saints are an empire, and it didn’t take the Syndicate long to notice. After the Saints rob a Syndicate-owned bank, the Syndicate springs its trap, capturing you and chief lieutenants Johnny Gat and Shaundi. On board a Syndicate jet, its leader makes you an offer, an offer you can’t help but refuse.

In Freefalling, the second mission in Saints Row: The Third, fight your way through the jet, skydive over Steelport in an aerial battle royale, shoot out the cockpit of an attacking jet, steal a parachute, and finally catch Shaundi before she drops into Steelport, literally.


Well, what did you think? Is Saints Row: The Third crazy and over-top-enough for you to purchase on release? Let us know via the comments sectin below.

Saints Row: The Third is set to hit the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on November 15th.


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